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Son günlerde bir çok kişinin Ada bölgesinde gözlemlediği çakallar, korkuya neden oluyor. Kent merkezinde beslenmek için bazı çöp konteynırlara bile geldikleri görülen çakallar, son olarak bir köpeğe saldırdı.

Kimin bölgeye getirdiği, ya da nereden ve nasıl geldiği bilinmeyen çakalların çoğalmasından endişe ediliyor. Daha önce de çakallar bir büyükbaş hayvana saldırarak telef etmişti. Vatandaşlar yetkililerin konuyla ilgili önlem almasını istiyor.


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  1. Thus, there’s no need to perform any tedious manual configuration through the Windows Firewall dialog boxes anymore.

    The typical use of Add multiple programs to Firewall involves:

    User configures Add multiple programs to Firewall and starts up the program.

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  4. To update an assembly you need to write a RepairNG.exe. This is a simple command line utility. This tool works only with.NET library types as it can not repair generic classes.

    Note that if the assembly is a DLL it must be copied to the Rebel application folder.


    The application has two modes of working:

    – Add mode: the assembly signature is removed and replaced. The assembly signature is then regenerated.


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  5. CCleaner is a utility that erases most of its temporary files, caches, cookies, internet temporary files, FTP settings, Windows logs, Windows error reports, Windows and browser PC history (using browser tool bars) etc. It cleans up your PC like a much-needed spring clean, making it that much easier for the internet to work for you and your system in the best possible way.

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  6. With this tool you can export and import ARJ, ARM, ARW, RAR, TAR and TARJ archives.

    External links

    Simple and fast recovery of RAR, TAR and TARJ archives without providing the password

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  7. As of Midnight of 2012-04-06, I finally have fixed the anonymous commands to be writable to the actor via a recent change to the IRC messages standard and thus the command tabs work as expected. See the release note for more info.


    Adds the user modes support for the listed channels to standard IRC commands.


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  9. xDir comes in two flavors: the first one requires a Command Prompt window, while the second, the xDir Switcher, requires a taskbar icon to launch it, its options and displayed data.

    xDir can be successfully used for management and analysis of information about files and directories on a computer, e.g.:

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  10. from Easy Knowledge, Inc.
    The Emulator can be obtained here: [link]

    The Elterm 24 Emulator application was designed to be a simple operator interface “dumb” terminal designed to operate with an intelligent control.
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  11. These might include users who are looking for screensavers from a specific area of interest, or even inside a particular application.
    If interested, users can enjoy more detailed insights on this app’s screensaver search and management functions in the dedicated help file that will appear when clicking the info button, or by browsing its first-page main features through the Help link.
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  12. Overall, this is a vast improvement over its previous version, but Inzelt is still not enough to create an actual pro website or develop anything serious.

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  13. Whether you use it for work or as a creative tool for kids – you can’t go wrong.

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  14. It allows you to specify the city or enter the ZIP code, and pick the unit of measurement for temperature (Celsius or Fahrenheit). The native download requires almost 1 MB of space and a.NET Framework-compatible installation media. The latest version can be downloaded from here. The utility has only a 30-day trial period after installation, so plan your moves carefully if you intend to use The Weather on a daily basis.

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  15. The most important function, though, is probably the tabbed menu, which makes it easy to find and access any feature.

    3. Step 7. Go ahead and use the Trial App to learn how to use it before installing it.
    To learn how to use the trial version, read the “Tutorial”, which is only available in the trial version.

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  16. Installing Pluggo plug-ins can make live performance easier and more efficient!

    In this series of posts, we’ll dig into several of the hundred Pluggo plug-ins available on this site as examples of Audio Toolbox feature use. We’ll cover:

    Pitch/Panner plug-ins and extensions

    Audio Units plugins and extensions

    Audio Session APIs

    Transcoding encoders and extensions

    Effects and dynamic processing plug-ins

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