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Bürnük mevkiinde kar ile mücadele eden Köy Hizmetleri ekiplerinin grayderinin önüne oldukça kalabalık domuz sürüsü çıkmış, Erdi Menteş bu anları kayda almış ve Facebook hesabında paylaşmış. Bizde önce kar ile mücadele eden tüm kardeşlerimize ALLAH (C.C) kolaylık versin diyor, Erdi Menteş’e teşekkür ediyor, görüntüleri sizinle paylaşıyoruz.

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  1. Advantages

    It’s very lightweight
    The entire app, including its menu, can be executed from the “All Programs” menu, making is very easy to run from everywhere.
    If you lock the screen using the Windows+L method, you don’t lose the focus on the settings you’ve made for the app. Since AutoScreenOff resides in the taskbar area, the context menu of the main icon will update with the current settings.
    The battery-saving section is

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  2. Most of all, with Scriptio you enjoy the freedom to change the order of your tables when using DROP and CREATE statements in SQL Server.
    What can you do with Scriptio?
    • Schema • Tables
    • View and Procedure • User-Defined Table Types
    • Scalar functions
    • Tables with schema


    The script you referenced works, but it’s a little different from the approach used in DDL Studio.
    It appears

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  3. Even if you may already know these parameters you can access them all with in-tool bars.

    Pricing and AvailabilityTo purchase Pure-D, simply add this plugin to your cart and check out. The registration is free and available immediately. If you purchase a multitimbral plugin, you will also receive a free download version of the monotimbral version of this plugin!
    With the registration, you can gain free support for all future updates, upgrades, and enhancements

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  4. For more information visit the Weather Desktop Support page.
    Also, it’s worth noting that this app is (for legal reasons) only available to Virgin Australia, Airtasker and Tuneshark clients.
    After installation it can be found in the ‘add or remove programs’ portion of the start menu or from the startup menu.The dialog box states:


    This free weather /current data service requires a valid Virgin Australia,Airtasker or T

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  5. 16.46 12KWh

    La Boîte a Marre DVD Player 2/15/2009

    Final Fantasy
    The game features for choice the starting “job” where you can start off as a warmongering class, or the more magi-based second job.
    Your main character, a young lad who has been manipulated into a contract to kill the new emperor, joins the squalid world of the new land, Kefka’s domain.

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  6. Features of Learn Russian Words Software
    1) Accurate and efficient word learning
    Learning words by teachers or information materials from books is time-consuming and sometimes irrelevant. Thus, by using this functional Word learning software, you will get the right words and correct knowledge about the language and will learn more efficiently.
    2) Learn Russian Words is an application to make your time more effective and fun
    Find new words, reduce words, add more words, modify the number, show words and play games

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  7. It also helps those that are not proficient with voice and typing. Regardless if you are blind or not, this simple program is perfect for a resourceful and wise creature.

    Once you’ve played this game, you’ll definitely find yourself addicted to it. No matter how many times I struggle to find fairies who disappear from my sight, in order to help me, I still keep on searching for such a type of character.

    Just like many other ARPG, it is also not

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  8. Features:
    Keeps track of each machine’s activity
    Updates the status of each machine (read, start, end, play)
    Automatically calculates the price for each session
    Extends the reach to multiple desktops
    Simple to use
    Required and optional updates are built-in and supported
    The program can be used to analyse PC and console sales
    Retail apps Gazelle is designed mainly

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  9. Muster is a free to try software. You can free download and try it for an evaluation period of 30 days.

    For those of you who have a private or corporate public cloud, you know that managing the costs of networking and data storage can be a royal pain. This is where the Azure Networking and Security High Availability module comes in. Microsoft has unveiled a new feature for its Azure Data Services which enables you to mount Azure file sync and blob storage volumes on a secondary local Azure Virtual

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  10. A good tool for those users who love illustrations and ornaments.

    One of Laminar Premium’s latest tools, Supermax background, has been released today. It brings to the table a spacious tool that offers numerous possibilities. If you seek a place to store the some of your photos, music, documents, videos and the like, this is the tool you look for.
    Supermax background can be accessed at any time through the Laminar website. You will

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  11. Microsoft Office – Office 2016 Product Key is is a software collection developed by Microsoft and it is by far the most popular software today. This software is a comprehensive office suite which helps you to manage your home, business and personal files effectively. You can open, manage, create, view, send and receive word, excel, powerpoint, outlook, etc. You have a version of office that is customized for your desires you can have it only for one person, company, institution, limited users

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  12. You can spend your leisure time learning new words, and the app’s minimalist interface is a plus.

    Word A Day, the only Microsoft Store app you will need to expand your vocabulary, is free to try!
    Word A Day keeps you on the winning track, with two features that will help you practice reading, learning a new word every day. With the dictionary feature, Word A Day opens up a web browser to a website that will provide you with the day’s definition. Features

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  13. To correctly use it you need to know the following things:

    Logging or not?
    Whether events will be committed to disk on exit or not?
    What status will be returned if there is a write error?
    On or Off log text?
    Time stamps?
    Verbatim text?

    Get yourself a copy of the source and read through of the source (as it says there is a lot of undocumented magic going on).
    I used the sample project to

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  14. Its great features make it a truly great application that you should download for free.
    Fantastic Features Available

    Very easy to use, intuitive and user friendly interface.
    Advanced tool which allows you to add images, type, colors, shapes and resize all in one place in order for you to produce your desired effect.
    I can say that this application is absolutely brilliant.
    I recommend this one to absolutely everyone.
    Very simple setup, with none of those complex features that you might

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  15. The SharePoint List Aggregator is a WCF List Aggregation webpart which collects data from a source like a SharePoint List, or Microsoft Office 365, SharePoint Online, Microsoft Azure and many others, it aggregates the data and generates views and reports which can be compared to other sources of the data.

    The SharePoint List Aggregator is a VisualWebPart with a many options:

    **Capable to aggregate data from a list or any other data 05e1106874 celcass

  16. Water Caution is an ideal screensaver for those who are health conscious or live within a crystal clear water source. Enjoy mesmerizing water waves, dolphins and sea birds in this calming water scene Screensaver. Just click on the bubbles!… Read more

    The Pretty Pets series are cute and friendly animals that bring an enchanting beauty to the screen with their sweet smiles and twinkling eyes. They are active, playful and alert, with a distinctive and distinctive pattern of movement. ThePretty 05e1106874 utelato

  17. LRPM Path Duration Calculator is a Free software tool that calculates the Length of a Path in a ROI or ROI Group.
    With this tool you can:
    •Find the average path duration in a ROI.
    •Calculate the longest path in a ROI, based on the User’s data.
    •Calculate the longest path in a ROI Group, based on the User’s data.
    •Calculate the average path 05e1106874 tirkar

  18. Having said that, in order for this to work the mapping must be implemented correctly. If not, things may get complicated and you may not get the desired results.

    “Like” the application on the App Store, so you’ll receive the latest updates to its progress.


    “Lines, Levels & Curves,” which was the app at launch.

    “From iOS 7 onward, you can’t have audio play in the background! So try MIDI2 8cee70152a feeembr

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