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Ankara Sinop İli ilçeleri derneği olarak Başkente 13’cüsü düzenlenen Kastamonu tanıtım günlerini Bilim sanayi teknoloji bakanı Dr. Faruk ÖZLÜ  Kastamonu milletvekillerimiz, Kastamonu valimiz ve Belediye başkanımız, Kastamonu federosyon başkanı Hasan ŞEN ve  Genel başkanımız Kenan GÜLLÜ ile resmi açılışı yapılmıştır. Emeği geçenlere herkese teşekkür ederiz..
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  1. What’s new in this version:

    – Fix the Internet Explorer and Chrome browser.
    – Enable the Windows 7 style in the Progress Updater for Windows 7.
    – Fix the problem when OEM mode not supported in the Installer.
    – Auto complete file name and address bar in the Registry Editor.
    – Set default web browser in the Windows 7.

    A lot of refined options. The key issue at using the correct system for you to get maximum results,

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  2. Read more

    Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 3 is a powerful image editing software which can be used to alter images in a wide variety of ways. It has been designed specifically for photographers so their data could be readily organized and viewable on a disk or in the memory.
    Make changes to photos with Photoshop Lightroom
    Users can apply Image adjustments that enable them to edit images in the main window. The adjustments can be done with a visual preview which enables you to select the exact part of

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  3. If you use Aspose.Email for SharePoint with C# or VB.NET code, you have at your disposal a range of powerful features for solving issues related to sharing and sending emails, no matter if it is inline and/or a.msg or.eml file or both, and you benefit from:

    Ease of Use

    Save Your Time


    Exchange A Connectivity Provider

    Easily Integrates With SharePoint

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  4. and other settings

    Allows you to create your own preset HTML templates (i.e. for each preset there is a corresponding HTML template in the WWW folder), you can use this concept to make your page look the way you want.
    You may create “custom” html templates with some of the available settings.

    It’s free, it’s easy and it’s so awesome, you must have it

    When Pic2HTML was shareware, it started as a replacement for

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  5. By using our website and registering to use our online services, you confirm that you have read and agree to our Terms of Service, Privacy Policy and Video terms.
    All known brands and companies discussed throughout our website are subject to trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders.Acanthamoeba, retinitis, and late neuropathy–an unusual clinical sequence.
    To describe a patient presenting with acanthamoeba keratitis in the absence of contact lens wear

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  6. We all love to right our thoughts to ourselves. As humans, we have the tendency to repeat stories, songs, stories and stories to ourselves as if they were everyone’s stories. This is done for various reasons. There’s the need to…

    Word |
    Heavy Reading +Vault |
    IDate |
    Buy.comI use this program to add dictionary words. My friends ask me what this program is in and I tell them it is a dictionary. They are usually

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  7. Ratings (2/5)

    If you are planning on getting a Romanian Emoticon Font, or Textures or simply want to make your Transylvanian dreams come true and want to know how to say “Goodbye” in Romanian in Roman font, you came to the right place. In this article, we will tell you how to do all that and more, and also, help you get to know your Romani, or Transylvanian

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  8. But, no control over your results
    WinDigest only displays the MD5 or SHA1 checksum of the file (or the hash of another file). You can’t customize what it displays.
    Thus, it can be pretty time-consuming to get an intuitive representation of an MD5 or SHA1 hash, especially when the number of digits is a bit too long or the file is properly compressed.
    Last updated: September 1, 2018A wireline communications network is a collection

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  9. Each time you will do this, an action will take place. It is time to die if the snake head has gone out of the board. It is the snake’s mother who will decide when he will die.

    After you have started playing this game for a while, you can find a bug in your game. That’s not hard! but you need first to dig out the source code.

    The objective

    To use:

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  10. Purple Gammu now has a #live instance on Quantal, Alpha and Beta.
    Try the “blue” trial instance for an hour.

    You can use the normal trial process with the live instance to get what you
    want. After the live instance runs out of time, it will go into the “dying”
    state like it does on other instances.

    You can use the live instance instance if you want to test your

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  11. Media Center

    Media Browser

    Ease of use

    0 out of 5

    Summary of reviews

    Windows Media Center is the perfect media center application that enables you to browse and control all your media files, live TV, watch video on demand and record live TV shows. It also allows you to create custom media collections, connect to your home entertainment systems via network and share with your friends or colleagues.
    Whether you want to keep your favorite music library, watch live

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  12. Although, as I said at the beginning of this article, if you want to make a statement to your family or friends, maybe the contribution of the Notorious Pedant to the conversation would not be such a bad idea.

    This is the first of many blog posts and videos about the world we live in.
    Download the video

    It’s a frequent thing that I say that the printing of money by a central bank is a bad thing because the whole point of

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  13. It is a reliable solution to quickly complete a repetitive task, so you can spend more time on productive tasks.

    easy-pdfoffice is a multi-authoring batch PDF conversion tool. As the name suggests, it deals with multiple PDF documents so you can create one large output. Easily convert multiple PDF files including attachments, images, forms or notes, even tables, charts and diagrams into editable one- and two-page PDFs and OCR text. Choose the file format (

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  14. Purpose:
    This theme is used to show that a brand has gone into great detail in their user interface, indicating that they are faithful to their commitment.
    ※This theme is only for the Alienware 23 desktop theme that has been released as of December 11, 2012 (Aleph Chrononaut).

    This theme is used to highlight the fact that the user is capable of leading by example. Regardless of the kind of business that they have, this theme

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  15. The IBM electronic Common Technical Document Viewer is used for eCTD submissions prepared using the IBM SCORE version 5.1.3 product.

    The IBM Electronic Common Technical Document Viewer is a purpose-built Java application that can be used for navigating and validating eCTD submissions created using the IBM SCORE version 5.1.3 product.

    The IBM Electronic Common Technical Document Viewer provides three primary ways to navigate the eCTD submission document:

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  16. As soon as you had initially gotten accepted to the Gator Country Club, you thought life could never be more great. It had a great membership fee and a lot of potential.

    There was only one problem though; It took just about a month of saving up your pennies before you could afford the $50 annual fee. Naturally, you went ahead and applied.

    You were exceptionally well-prepared for the interview and attempted to be polite and charming. You also had 05e1106874 nanhers

  17. QuickFileFix by is yet another quick scan and fix utility for Microsoft Office documents. Office documents can contain a variety of file formats including Excel, PowerPoint, Access, and more. This program lets you repair and recover corrupt and damaged files which you can open in many different apps.
    What’s new in this release? Fixed an issue where the program’s icon couldn’t be set to the default view if the program was open when the default icon was located elsewhere.
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  18. Once upon a time, browsing the internet was quite fun, free of worries and full of surprises. Sharing stories and watching videos about products and place was exciting to see, as well as enjoying all the privacy one could handle. Times of happy scrolling were the times that gave birth to some of the best adverAtlanta, Franklin Square, New York

    Atlanta is a historical district and neighborhood in the northeast corner of the city of Franklin Square in Jefferson County, New York, United States.
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  19. #2

    Like its rivals, Slide Effect is a freeware for Windows that you can use to create virtual presentations and slide shows.
    Similar to Microsoft PowerPoint, the program has a clean, intuitive user interface, small system requirements and a range of effects and options you can apply to photos, text and videos.
    Slide Effect’s timeline has four main categories (e.g. images, video, text and animation) that you can use to arrange and add items (e
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  20. Download Qt Linguist
    To sum it up once again, Qt Linguist is a handy utility that is sure to help both novice and experienced users. It is fast, efficient, requires little resources, and offers great options for those looking for a way to translate their app.
    If you would like to read on, we have found a detailed review of Qt Linguist.


    I have not used it myself, but hope someone else might find this useful
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  21. It’s not a “What’s my country like?”-solution, but a visual aide that can bring a detailed overview of what’s expected from a country when planning a trip or starting a business. If you find places you have to search again and again for such information in one place, you might prefer Earth Explorer.

    The Best in Photos, Music and Video on the Planet

    The Editors’ Choice award-winning Zune software suite continues to be one of the best ways to
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  22. In addition, Sophie Server allows you to use the internet and mobile browsing to access and edit your Sophie books.


    To install Sophie Server:

    Create a website on your server

    Install PHP and make sure you have Allow_URL

    Download 3 files from the Sophie Server download page and upload them to your server.

    Upload the following libraries to your website. Downloaded from the net (Sophie Server libs & js from
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  23. The Program DataBase (PDB) is a collection of analysis tasks and algorithms, written in the Data Description language (DDL), with the purpose of supporting various data analyses conducted by the
    Proteomics Team.

    Lace is a suite of programs, built on cBe, for the calculation of the turnover rates of protein complexes. It calculates the fraction of complexes that go to the incorrect pathways and
    the fraction of complexes that get to their exact pathways. These ratios may
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  24. period;
    ■ Not recommended for PC/network providers for scheduling more than 100 scheduled appointments.
    How can I receive a copy of it free of charge?
    To get your free, 30-day trial, please click on the ‘download’ button on the top of the screen, and when prompted, choose the ‘STANDARD Installation ‘option.
    Please be aware that accepting the licence agreement here means you are accepting the terms of the agreement that comes with OfficeCal
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  25. The “Data Dump” tool allows one to dump all the contents of a VGM disc in various formats.
    The “LAME Packager” tool allows one to place extra LAME tag description metadata on VGM files. This is useful for VGM editors that do not recognize LAME tag information.
    The “LAME Auditing” tool allows one to test for valid LAME tag information by checking each track for many tags.
    The “JoytoKey Gen” tool
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  26. This application’s features include very short startup time, custom CPU bars and much more! These last two features allow you to increase/decrease the CPU speed by pressenting the +/- buttons, that you’ll find in the main menu when PC Performance Screensaver is running! Also, you can set the time/date on which the program will start/stop.Check out the PC Performance Screensaver homepage here!

    1.7The userID & Password are no longer displayed on
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  27. Easy to use GPS Simulator that can solve most common problems of NMEA GPS receivers and serves as a an excellent tool for level setting and debugging of implementations within GPS devices.

    Use GPS Generator PRO as a standalone program or use the COM port or UDP option available with GPS Generator PRO to send data as a software GPS emulator from any software or system, even a computer that doesn’t have hardware GPS. Send the NMEA protocol that you like by using the GPS Generator COM port or
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  28. ■ The slideshow is recorded in a binary format. The format can be viewed in modern web browsers but can not be saved as a file (requires the program to open the file).

    Depersonalize. Protect your Copyright. – Make it impossible to view or reuse your video or audiotrack.

    7 Class is a tool for creating and organizing lecture presentations. Use 7 Class to create your next PowerPoint training workshop and to present courses to clients, customers,
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  29. Version
    This version includes the following main features:
    – New answers have been added.
    – The list of tests per topic is alphabetically sorted.
    – A new Pause Test has been added, which allows you to pause the quiz for a certain period of time before continuing.

    This version includes the following main features:
    – An embedded help feature will directly open the help window.
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  30. ■ 200 W or better.
    ■ Disk space.
    Fully compatible with other image editors, even your friends.

    POV Sphere Mosaic was designed to be a Photoshop plugin for exporting image into 3D mosaic, consisting from colored spheres. 3D scene is written in POV-Ray format. Each source pixel is converted into 3D sphere object colored appropriately.
    Fully compatible with various image editors, from Photoshop to freeware like IrfanView or X
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  31. They can keep watch, take photos and record videos whenever they wish.

    3. Simeon Secure

    Simeon Secure is an effective IP camera monitor, which offers users immense safeness. The app runs on simple functions that let it support diverse devices and such. On the notification system, which show you the different notifications, the program can be installed on multiple devices. Therefore, you can make your children use tablets or portable hard drives as they bring about more convenience for you.
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  32. 24- Nov-2017


    Customer Not Found

    The support provided by the developers is close to zero. When you
    have a problem, using the software, they neither support it,
    nor offer you a solution. The interface suffers from poor
    styling, and basic functioning. The entire UI is a mess that
    needs urgent attention.
    The program is buggy as all get out, so you should not even
    consider buying the program.

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  33. TaxCalc is an easy to use program for calculating and generating tax related information. The program calculates income, sales and property tax based on different types of incomes and property values. Commercial use of this program is allowed under the license however educational use is not allowed.

    Moustache is a program allowing you to make animated versions of your own photographs with a few simple steps.
    With Moustache you can create images of yourself like you look on a day on how you feel
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  34. Blast Freezing temperatures and snow falling from the sky, the season of Winter has been the very first that has seen more instances of unfeeling happenings.
    The things that dwell inside this category of weather can be so ghastly and terrible that they have even been repeatedly described with euphemisms.
    From the Incredibles to Pitch Black to The Sixth Sense, the concept of ghosts has had several of Hollywood’s ever-popular production houses taking the brains to bring
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  35. [An older review that has become less useful than it was when it was written]

    Reviewer: Jacob Webb – – May 3, 2019

    Rating: 1-10

    This program is pretty cool, but it’s a little too difficult to understand. I could use some help….

    Developer: DevOne – – Sept 23, 2018

    Rating: 10 – Replays: 9 – User’s Review: 9 – Star Rating: 9 – Comment: 99
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  36. ” Hier feiern Sie die ganze Nacht. Besonders Österreich ist nachgesagt werden einmalige Gaudi-Erlebnisse. Für viele Skifahrer dreht es sich im Skiurlaub oft um eine Sache: Après-Ski. Doch wo steigen die besten Après-Ski-Partys in den Alpen? Schon fast in traditioneller Weise füllen sich am nachmittag die Skihütten. Skifahren und Familienurlaub passen wunderbar zusammen. Als nächstes finden Sie eine Übersicht mit den beliebtesten Skigebieten für Après-Ski in Deutschland, Österreich, der Schweiz und Italien. Damit das ganze aber nicht im totalen Chaos endet, sollten verschiedene Voraussetzungen drauf haben. Eine gute Skischule mit qualifizierter Betreuung, ein passendes Skigebiet und eine familien- und kinderfreundliche Unterkunft sind die Grundlagen für einen harmonischen Familienurlaub. Mehrere Ski, Schuhe und Stöcke. Snowplaza hat eine Auswahl besonders gut geeigneter Familienskigebiete für Sie zusammengestellt. Alles gut und schön, etwas Schnee und eine Loipe erleichtern die Sache natürlich – sind aber kein Muss notwendig. Mehr braucht man zum Langlaufen nicht. Skilanglauf ist Natursport in seiner ursprünglichsten Form, egal ob klassisch oder beim Skating. Nachfolgend finden Sie eine Übersicht mit den besten Langlaufgebieten in Deutschland, Österreich, der Schweiz und Italien.

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  38. No Button

    Written by johnk on Anno Domini 06, 2014


    Hide and even hide desktop…

    Efficient tool with a simple interface

    Lightweight tool with a simple interface

    Speaking strictly about its interface, you will be shocked to find out that this program is extremely clean and straightforward. It supports a broad range of users, so you should be lucky to find the setting that perfectly matches your Windows.
    The minimum and maximum number
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